Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little Baby "M" - 7 days new - Newborn Photographer

Little "M" came to visit me this week and what a sweetie he was!  He was such a good little sleeper.  His mommy wanted some with his eyes open and he gave the cutest little faces!  So excited to have meet him and his family.  They were so sweet.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Courtney and Sterling - Engagement Session - 2013

I recall having a talk about a year ago with Courtney, saying "Now, don't go off to school and fall in love".  Bwahahaha...sure enough she did.  However, I couldn't be more excited for this couple.  They are such a cute couple together. Congratulations Sterling and Courtney!  I wish you an eternity of happiness.  

I'm also experimenting with a few new ways of editing, but I keep going back to my bold colors...I just love them. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sweet Baby "B"- 12 days new - Lodi California Newborn Photographer

I am feeling so blessed lately to meet such wonderful people.  This little ladies parents were so sweet and kind.  I felt like I was with some old friends and I think I talked their ears off. 
(sorry if I did, I really had a wonderful time with you).
She did such a wonderful job and I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  What a sweetie!  
Thank you to her parents for bringing her up to visit me. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Newborn Baby "E" - 8 days new - Newborn Photographer

I couldn't be more excited than I am right now to meet this little man.  His mommy has been a close friend to me and was married last year to the sweetest man.  He hasn't let mommy change a diaper yet.  Now that's some love!  But really little "E" is so blessed to be with these two.   Two of the kindest, most patient people ever.  I can say that since I know them outside of work.  Congratulations and many wishes for you and your new family!  

Happy Birthday Little girl "L" - Family Photographer

Oh, boy what a fun time I had with this family.  Little "L's" mom, had all the cute little outfits and finishing touches for these kiddos.  Even though this was a shoot to celebrate her daughters 2nd birthday, we had a lot of fun taking pictures of all the kiddos.  I normally only put up 3-5 teasers, but I couldn't help my self.  These and so many more were so stinking cute!  I really am finding that I love to capture the moments that are going on during the shoot.  I find that we don't have to have that perfect smile to show the love and happiness of children.  There is a sweetness and gentleness to these little ones that just shined through as I took their pictures.  Okay maybe not on the second to last one, because you better not mess with their sis or else!   So cute.  It was such a pleasure to take this families pictures.  I had so much fun!  I can't wait to continue to watch them grow and captures their special moments for them.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Newborn baby Girl - 10 day's new - Newborn Photographer

Babies, Babies, and more Babies.  But I love it!  And finally a little girl.  Yippie, lace and frills oh my. I just can't get over how cute this little baby "C" was.  At 10 days new she was such a sweet thing.  I had such a great time with all the little things her mommy brought and incorporated many of my props as well.  I just love this pink and navy blue, SO CUTE!  I am so grateful that my last newborn session referred her to me, I love meeting new families and being able to capture moments like these.  Her family was so sweet, thank you for coming up and visiting me.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Camargo-Cox Wedding 2013 - Central Valley Wedding Photographer

What a pleasure it was to get to know this couple.  They were both so sweet and fun.  And their families were so welcoming and sweet too.  I truly had a wonderful time taking their pictures of their celebration of their wedding.  They had wed the day before at the San Francisco Courthouse.  They both wanted to have a small ceremony and celebrate with family and friends the next day.  I unfortunately was not their photographer in San Francisco, but I was thrilled that I could take part during their reception.  I love being able to capture the moments that they will remember for their lifetime together.  I have to say though, my favorite one is when the bride and her new little man snuck off before dinner to get a cupcake.  Totally busted, but they had so much fun doing it!  Thank you to both the Camargo and Cox families for having me take part is such a fun and wonderful day!