Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Photographer - Momma and her boys - Lodi

My favorite spot was sold a couple months back and I was so sad, however the new owners are just as sweet and the old ones and even though they are going through a bunch of renovations on the property they were more than willing to let us go out and use it.  It was the perfect place for this sweet family to spend some time and get some great pictures.  Both of them are having their birthdays this month so a perfect time for balloons! Yay, I love balloons, who doesn't?  Anyhow, it took a while but it was worth all the great shots we got and to spend time getting to know them was awesome as well.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bellalena, 1 week (Newborn Baby Photographer)

Oh, my.  I think that everyone is having babies right now...except me for once!  And that just fine, four kids ranging from 22months - 7 years old is a large handful!  Anyhow, I just loved being able to take pictures of this little Beauty!  She is so sweet and precious.  Thanks Jamie for allowing me to take pictures of her, she is such a cutie pie!