Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NewBorn Baby Safety - Lodi Photographer

I have to share, because I want to make others aware about this beautiful picture.  

If you are expecting to get this picture of your little one, here are few things you need to know.
Newborns heads and spines are so fragile, I'm sure you already know that!  It is important to take extra precautions when photographing.  Some photographers are able to take this picture without the help/support of a mother, father, or assistant, and as that may seem okay I would not suggest it.  No matter how the picture gets done safety is KEY!  
Second thing you need to know is that not all babies like or can be in this position.  Not all babies are flexible, sometimes their tummies are too full, sometimes they are not sleepy enough, the list goes on and on.  I have talked with other professional photographers and they agree,  1/10 babies can give this adorable pose.  Another factor is size of the baby, although this one was only 6lbs 14oz... usually larger babies hold better in this position.  If you are going to go for this pose, be sure to try to do it within the first 10 days of the baby being born.
Not only should you be careful in this pose, but many others as well.  Examples can be when babies are hung in hammocks or other hanging devices.  Be sure that they are very close to the padded ground or beanbag (3-6 inches).  Although many photographers like to do as little editing as possible to keep their photographs original, I say "I would rather have SAFETY!"  

Please keep this in mind when you take pictures of your little one.

**Please know that I am not trying to shun any photographer by sharing 
this, but it is my feeling that a babies safety comes first.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fairbanks Kids - Family Photographer - Lodi - CA-

I've gotten a bit lazy with updating my blogs...opps.  If you follow it I'm sorry. 

Here's a couple of my kids.  I love how they turned out.  I have the hardest time taking pictures of my own kids.  For whatever reason, probably because I am their mom, they always look everywhere but the camera.  Or they are not smiling and they have great smiles.  SUCCESS!  (or so I feel).  I love my kiddos and love to take pictures of them.  They make me so happy and proud to be their mom.