Friday, November 4, 2011

Newborn Photography - The Parkers - Lodi Area

 Oh, what a joy it was to take pictures of one of our best friends baby! And not only that, but got my "Piece De Resistance" that I've been wanting for a long while now.  If you don't know, taking infant, especially newborn pictures can be time consuming.  You kind of have to work on the babies schedule and work to get them back asleep between pictures.  And on top of that, not all babies can bend and move into different positions.  So, in doing so you have to move slowly and carefully.  I share this because, I think all parents should know that your babies safety comes first before getting that perfect picture and there's tricks that photographers should be doing to ensure your babies safety, that not all do.  So, enjoy getting pictures done, but make sure that things are safe and if they are not, you as the parent have the right to say, "I'm not comfortable with that!"  and please do, it's your baby.

Back to this sweet little thing named Hallie. I just love how little and dainty she is.  
And her big sisters love her dearly too.  
Thanks for letting me play with her and take oodles of pictures of her!

"The Piece."  
Soooo, excited! I love her mooshy face and big lips, makes me want to kiss them.