Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Baby C - Newborn Photography Session - San Andreas

I was given the pleasure to take pictures of this sweet little 10 day old baby last week.  Normally baby sessions are long, hard, hot, exhausting and tiring! But I love them, it is such an awesome pleasure to be able to capture these precious new little lifes. However, this time, I was spoiled!  She ate before coming over and slept the whole time.  She had but a moment of fussiness and recovered quickly with her binki!  And when I thought we were done, she even gave me a couple more with a new prop.  She really did spoil me, what a treat! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Coming for the Wierlos - Lodi Maternity Newborn Photographer

 When Chad and Tausha called me to help them announce they were planning on announcing they are having a baby, I was thrilled.  It was just a little over a year ago that they had asked me to take they're wedding pictures in Cabo San Lucas, which was such an amazing wedding! I am so honored to be able to continue to capturing their life's story and next step in their lives.  Now I can't wait till their maternity/gender pictures and once the baby comes.

Congratulations Chad and Tausha, I am SO excited for the two of you.  

The Wierlo's

(The picture  color is not my normal style, but I really had to give it a try and I loved how it turned out on all of them.  
It gives them an older vintage look, bleached out a bit, with my normal punch of color...just can't get away from the color. )

 If you'd like to watch their journey and see all the fun thing that they are doing go check out