Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kelly Moore Bags are amazing!


If my husband asks me what I want for Mother's day, this is it!  They are not only stylish, but they are super functional!  On her site when you are looking at each bag she has ton's of pics of how they can be used. One even shows her camera, lens, and some extra camera stuff in the bag divided apart from all her baby stuff (diapers, sippy, snacks and so on)! As a mom, that's so awesome.  If I throw my camera in my diaperbag it's bound to get damaged by something rolling around in there!  These have removable padded dividers, which let you set up the bag the way you want it.  Also, if you go to her site she has video tutorial on what can fit!  Lets just say PERFECT!  So, Feddie I want one of the B-Hobo's in mutted teal or Heather Grey.


Click below to go to her site to check out these beauties!


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  1. I LOVE these bags...I've seen some recent tutorials on how to DIY one of these things, I'm sure you could do it super easy. xoxo